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Presently, steel metal constructions are used in all types of buildings and structures. Among them are: industrial fast-mounted buildings, sport complexes, trade-entertaining centers, terminals, pavilions, hangars, boxe structures, storehouses, roof-covered markets, workshops of industrial enterprises, refuelling stations, the various structural elements on railways and highways, reservoirs, large diameter pipelines, tunnels, posts of electricity transmission lines, masts of communication systems, various types of cranes, industrial stack constructions, frameworks of sky-scrapers, hydrotechnical edifices etc.


At PE “UkrKOM”, there is a possibility to produce hardware both by customers design or based on our own drawings. Powers of the Company satisfy the wide spectrum of consumer demand: armature frameworks for the frame-monolithic construction, columns, trusses, beams, frames, supports for equipment and pipelines. Technical capabilities allow to perform cutting of sheet-metal to a thickness till 5 mm and a width till 2000 mm, bending of sheet-metal and pipes.

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All equipment supplied by PE “UkrKOM” is manufactured at own production facilities which are situated in the city of Rivne. Thus, the company provides guarantee of high quality and a corresponding price. Development of modern wares, mastering of technology and product release in the earliest possible dates are assured by the following structure of the industrial sector of the Company:

  • project and design bureau;
  • hardware processing workshop;
  • sites of sheet-metal cutting and bending;
  • welding area;
  • painting workshop;
  • storage facilities.



Each site is provided with modern equipment that is constantly updated.

Qualification of hardware workshop personnel of the Company allows to manufacture products of any complexity, both standard and non-standard, products of any configuration, following the required production norms.

Own painting line allows the painting of metal constructions in any colour, depending on customer requirements.

Dear Partners, we are glad to fulfill your orders in the fastest terms and at a reasonable cost.

For the collaboration with us, please contact PE “UkrKOM”managers.